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SparrowSpeak in soundbites.

Here you will find the sounds that house sparrows make when they operate as a group, in different situations. The sounds are recorded at the colony that we ourselves have been maintaining since the winter of 1997 to 1998.

Although these are only the short impressions, they take a while to load in your browser.
Please take a few seconds for them to get to your computer and play.

If you need longer samples, for instance for research, please contact us.
We will be glad to help.

House sparrows getting ready to roost on the 07th of november 2011.

House sparrows at breakfast on the 08th of november 2011.

After a few seconds one of the house sparrow screams (short) in agony while others keep eating, except for the one that's biting the screaming sparrow.
The ticking sound is the beaks hitting the plate where the seeds lay on.

House sparrows wide awake right after breakfast on the 08th of november 2011.

A quarter of an hour after recording the breakfast suddenly the whole colony woke up and started singing.

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